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1. Where is the Code Compliance building located?
2. Where can I find information about the requirements for operating a food service establishment and what the inspectors are looking for when they inspect a business?
3. Do I have to obtain a health department permit to sell food?
4. How much does a health department permit cost?
5. Do I need a food handler certificate or health card to work in a food service business?
6. Can you do anything about the trashy conditions on the property next to me?
7. Can I put up garage sale signs?
8. Whom do I call to report a possible junk vehicle in my neighborhood?
9. There is a dilapidated old house in my neighborhood. Whom can I report it to?
10. Whom do I contact for illegal dumping?
11. Whom do I call about a city lot that is overgrown?
12. Can you enforce having trash/garbage cleaned up from property?